Both the teeth and tooth implants are individually manufactured in a dental laboratory to be implanted into the patient. Prosthetic dentists and dental technicians work closely together.
The result is a visually closed row of teeth, with which you can really bite and laugh – and it looks natural.
Certain suitable materials are used for allergy sufferers.

Implant-supported teeth provide a sophisticated solution from an aesthetic point of view. They fit in with remaining teeth and feel and look like your own teeth.

Advantages of implants are:

  •      Anchoring teeth are not required to be ground
  •      Healthy tooth structure remains unchanged!
  •      Protection against bone loss

Implants assist natural teeth to evenly distribute chewing forces through the roots into the jaw bone. This is similar to natural teeth – It is vital that the loading remains the same.

Due to the natural loading of the bone, the face retains its profile and natural facial expressions. This means self-confidence and increased quality of work and private life.

Implants are not only for single-tooth gaps. There is always a suitable functional and aesthetic solution of up to the complete edentulous mouth!

Implant-supported dentures offer absolute comfort for patients with totally mucosa-supported and jiggling prosthesis. In addition, the palate remains free of prosthetic material – thereby ensuring our natural sense of taste. The patient thus regains their natural taste and feeling. A good tasting red wine taste, after wine and a steak taste, after steak!

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